Don’t Leave Appetite
on the Table

In today’s commercial market, distributors can do more with digital-first, instant access to your pricing.
With CoverForce, you can provide it — fast.

Why CoverForce

Respectful and aligned to carrier needs for control and authorization.

Strong control mechanisms

Carriers decide who gets access and controls the appointment process.

Not commoditised

We build curated marketplaces and carriers always know the source of business.

Reduced burden on carrier tech team

With carrier consent, distribution partners can integrate with us.

A Superior Marketing Solution

CoverForce is obsessed with our customers (brokers and PEOs) and our customers’ customers (your insureds). We facilitate deeper levels of service to more of the market within your appetite.

Work with who you want, how you want

You decide which agencies get access to which products. Continually improve pipeline quality and expand your small business base.

Integrate in weeks, not months

We deliver your appetite, underwriting questions. and API flexibilities, including realtime adjustments, in a consumable format.

Pay and bind

CoverForce is designed to connect quickly via API. Need help? Our team has helped several carriers standardize their production APIs.

We’re Problem Solvers

But not every problem. By working with agency management systems (and not competing against them), CoverForce remains exclusively focused on feeding your pipeline.

Decreasing manual workload

While increasing agency operating margins, making SME policies more profitable to quote.

Removing friction

And increasing tech adoption, so brokers can consolidate their book with preferred carriers at the click of a button.

Embedding commercial sales

We believe carriers should capitalize on the oppportunity to reach agents where they want to trasact, at the right time, every time.

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