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Quote & Bind as the Broker of Record

CoverForce is a fully independent quote, pay, and bind platform. You get a lightening-fast connection to the carriers you trust without giving up customers or commissions.

Why CoverForce

Boost the value of your agency by unleashing the power of your book and focusing your team on yield.

Quick setup and easy to use

Our solution is battle-tested by CSRs and brokers to save hours in quoting and delivery of customer proposals.

Focus your agency

Guide agents to a panel of your preferred carriers for efficiency of placement.

Real-time insights into performance

Every submissions delivers you with access to rich data on your customer.

Our Products

CoverForce offers two easy-to-launch comparative rate & bind experiences

Quote & Bind Platform

Sign up for a CoverForce account and start quoting in minutes.

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Embedded Commercial API

Embed a beautifully designed and easy to use commercial shopping experience onto any website.

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Accelerate Agency Process

The days of chasing down your favorite carriers are over

Powerful Market Comparison

Quickly locate the best market for your client in one place with a smarter single submission form.

Focus your agency on your preferred carriers

Toggle carriers on and off and adjust limits on the fly.

Don’t sweat security

CoverForce is SOC2 compliant and built using best-in-class engineering standards.

“Our member agents have reported high levels of satisfaction with the CoverForce platform. We gladly recommend CoverForce, because they take the independent agent and broker’s interests to heart. Even its embedded solution includes and champions the broker!”
Sarah Washington
CEO Company
“I’m only giving this testimonial out of gratitude for what CoverForce has done for my business. But I’d much rather keep them a secret as long as possible!”
“The best way to funnel business toward preferred carriers is CoverForce, hands down. No other platform gets us lightning fast access to bindable quotes from the best in insurance”
“Finally! Someone has cracked commercial quote & bind. It’s so easy to submit risks on CoverForce and I have even been able to customize it to fit my workflows. Everything is faster with CoverForce!
“CoverForce is the last commercial quote and bind tool we’ll ever use. My team’s productivity has skyrocketed. We used to spend hours submitting the same risk to multiple carriers. Now we spend those hours submitting more risks and winning new accounts.”

3, 2, 1 and Done!

CoverForce is the fastest way to quote, propose, pay and bind policies with preferred carriers

Get started fast.

Sign up and import your customer information from AMS360, Hawsoft or EPIC. Our user-tested platform is intuitive and easy.

Find your market match

Review and compare bindable quotes from the best carriers with the click of a button. Vary coverage limits by carrier.

Keep 100% of Commissions

With CoverForce, there’s no need to compromise. You remain BOR and keep your commissions.

Partner Today

Reach out to start building with CoverForce.

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