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Launch a clean commercial quote, pay and bind experience fast with CoverForce - supported by leading national brokers and agencies.

Low Effort.
High Impact.

Our turnkey solution automates everything, providing a profitable, digital-first experience that your customers will love.

Launch in weeks, not years

With CoverForce, it’s easy to standup a clean, user-friendly quote & bind experience via API or iframe.

Carriers your customers know

In insurance, trust is everything. Offer policies from established carriers with strong name-brand recognition.

Market-first customer experience

Be the first to offer customers an instant, commercial insurance purchase experience.

End-to-End Insurance Purchase Experience

Embedded commercial platform features

Fill out one dynamic form to get quotes

Our smart form yields bindable, competitely priced quotes from top carriers — in minutes.

Access agent support

Your customers compare multiple quotes with realtime access to a dedicated, licensed broker.

Pay and bind

Customers select payment plan, pay insurer, and receive their certificate of insurance via email.


Help customers across 1000+ industries find the right insurance at the right time
Workers’ Compensation
Quote businesses with up to $25M in Payroll and 200 employees.
Business Owners Policies
Protection from disaster and theft for business property
General Liability
Foundational protection for baseline risk related to third-party damages
Protection for damages caused by data breaches
Commercial Auto
Protection for liability related to autos owned or used in your business
Product Liability
Protection if a product you sold caused bodily injury or property damage

Get Started Fast

It’s easy to launch with CoverForce

Set up your CoverForce account

We start by assessing your business. Then we match you with one of our national brokers and carriers that want to access your customer base.

Integrate via API

CoverForce powers a beautifully designed front-end experience with just a few lines of code

Go to market

Once everyone gives it the ‘thumbs up’ - Go live with your quote, pay, and bind customer experience

Growth & partnership

CoverForce enables brokers to service corporate distribution partnershipswith a light-touch customer experience

“Our member agents have reported high levels of satisfaction with the CoverForce platform. We gladly recommend CoverForce, because they take the independent agent and broker’s interests to heart. Even its embedded solution includes and champions the broker!”
Sarah Washington
CEO Company
“I’m only giving this testimonial out of gratitude for what CoverForce has done for my business. But I’d much rather keep them a secret as long as possible!”
“The best way to funnel business toward preferred carriers is CoverForce, hands down. No other platform gets us lightning fast access to bindable quotes from the best in insurance”
“Finally! Someone has cracked commercial quote & bind. It’s so easy to submit risks on CoverForce and I have even been able to customize it to fit my workflows. Everything is faster with CoverForce!
“CoverForce is the last commercial quote and bind tool we’ll ever use. My team’s productivity has skyrocketed. We used to spend hours submitting the same risk to multiple carriers. Now we spend those hours submitting more risks and winning new accounts.”

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